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Studio Berlin, broadcast January 18, 2020: Unpacking the European Green Deal

todayJanuary 18, 2020

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Show broadcast January 18, 2020: Unpacking the European Green Deal

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    Studio Berlin, broadcast January 18, 2020: Unpacking the European Green Deal monika.mueller.kroll


It’s being called Europe’s “man on the moon moment”: The European Green Deal is Europe’s ambitious plan to become the world’s first climate neutral continent. The deadline is 2050, and the price tag starts at 1 trillion euros.

This week on Studio Berlin, host Nikki Motson dives into the details of the historic deal with Tim McPhie, European Commission spokesperson for climate action and energy, Karsten Neuhoff, head of the climate policy department at the German Institute for Economics, and Oldag Caspar, climate policy expert at the NGO, Germanwatch.

This show was produced by Monika Müller-Kroll and Nikki Motson. 

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Written by: monika.mueller.kroll

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