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The Coronavirus Chronicle #16: SOME ADJUSTMENTS REQUIRED

todayMay 7, 2020


We are facing one of the biggest global health threats in decades which has led governments around the world to shut down daily life. But how is the race to contain COVID-19 affecting the people it’s meant to protect here in Berlin?

The coronavirus has forced Berliners to readjust their day-to-day lives and activities over the past weeks. Rico Todzi, on the other hand, has had to do so since birth, as he is in a wheelchair in a city that isn’t the friendliest to people who use them.

That’s helped the 38-year-old adjust quicker than most to the confining life of a city dweller in the time of the pandemic. Listen below to find out more:

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    The Coronavirus Chronicle #16: SOME ADJUSTMENTS REQUIRED monika.mueller.kroll


“Sometimes they say people, older people or people with special needs… should stay at home, but I have no problems with my lungs.”

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Written by: monika.mueller.kroll

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