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EPISODE 113: Moving to Germany? Here’s what you need to know.

micCommon Ground BerlintodayJune 17, 2024

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    EPISODE 113: Moving to Germany? Here's what you need to know. Common Ground Berlin

You’ve decided to become an “expat” and live in Germany. But how do you navigate the bureaucracy and German culture? Can an English-speaker even make it here? What are some ways to ease the transition? 

Host Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson gets the answers to those key questions and more from fellow immigrants and experts Jenna Davis of Life in Germany, Sigrid Arteage of Surviving in Berlin, Bastien Allibert of Settle in Berlin and Nicolas Bouliane of All About Berlin. We also answer questions from our fans on social media!

Produced by Eden Brockman

Common Ground


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