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Studio Berlin

Studio Berlin, broadcast March 14, 2020: Lockdowns, travel bans and cancellations – what’s being done to contain COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly changing our lives. This week, Studio Berlin host Sylvia Cunningham looks at where we are in this health crisis and what measures are being taken to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. She's joined by Dr. Margaret Harris from the World Health Organization (WHO), journalist and fellow Studio Berlin host Erik Kirschbaum, and Klaus Warmedinger, a German business economist who's been living in China for the […]

todayMarch 16, 2020

Studio Berlin

Studio Berlin, broadcast September 28, 2019: A closer look at the protests in Hong Kong

Pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong described Hong Kong as the new Berlin - a ground zero for a new Cold War. What does Germany make of Wong's  comparison? And how do the Hong Kong protests influence Germany's relationship with China? Join host Noah Barkin and his guests, American journalist Melissa Chan and Kristin Shi-Kupfer of the Mercator Institute for China Studies in Berlin.

todaySeptember 28, 2019


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