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Episode 76: Germany’s colonial past – A historical blind spot?

micCommon Ground BerlintodayFebruary 28, 2023

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    Episode 76: Germany’s colonial past – A historical blind spot? Common Ground Berlin

Germany’s colonial history isn’t something many Germans like to talk about – Some argue they weren’t as “bad” as other European colonialists or that focusing on German colonialism draws attention away from the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis during World War II. But critics of German silence over its colonial past argue those narratives ignore the impact Germany had on the places it colonized and perpetuate German racist attitudes to this day.

Host Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson and Senior Producer Dina Elsayed probe German colonialism and its modern-day consequences with cultural activist and journalist Nadja Ofuatey Alazard; MP and cultural policy spokesman Helge Lindh (SPD), and Hermann Parzinger, historian and president of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation.

Dina Elsayed produced this episode.

The music is ‘Delicates’ by Blue Dot Studios. 

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