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‘I’m all about the self-hype’: Singer Gavin Turek on dancing her way to confidence

    Gavin Turek has been dancing, singing and writing songs for about as long as she can remember. The 31-year-old Los Angeleno came by KCRW Berlin’s studios while she was in town working with local producers, and we talked about her musical upbringing and how she finds her confidence on stage. Turek's live shows burst with energy, unsurprising for a performer who originally trained as a dancer. “I find […]

todayNovember 17, 2018


29 years after the Wall fell: Mark Reeder on his memories of a divided city

  Nov. 9, 1989 was a historical turning point. This week, we look back and forward, bringing you different perspectives on the 29th anniversary of the fall of the Wall. Mark Reeder describes his life like a ball in a pinball machine: "I kind of met one person and then it ricocheted onto another, and that's how I kind of made my career." Most of that career was made in […]

todayNovember 10, 2018


From the piano to the Volksbühne: Composer and pianist Paul Wallfisch on his theatrical connection to Germany

      Despite being born in Switzerland and raised in the United States, musician Paul Wallfisch maintains a strong connection to Germany. The pianist and composer, who is the son of classical musicians, was introduced to the country through his German record label, and it is here that he has ventured into theater. Wallfisch stopped by our studio to talk about his family’s immersion in music and his current […]

todayOctober 20, 2018


Rapper Ebow on ‘Komplexität,’ sisterhood and standing up for herself

      Munich-born rapper Ebow has been performing for over a decade, having broken into the male-dominated world of hip-hop as a teenager. We caught up with Ebow about her musical influences, sharing a stage with other women, and her latest album, “Komplexität" (in English, that's "Complexity"). To Ebow, this release symbolized a major step in breaking away from the influence of older male figures in the industry. “At […]

todayOctober 6, 2018


Princess Chelsea on her new LP, returning to Berlin, and the joys of living on the outskirts

    By Jack Riddell Chelsea Nikkel, alias Princess Chelsea, brought her charming, onerous, twee-indie Pop back to Berlin last week for a show at the Funkhaus, her fourth time performing at the venue. While she wishes she had more time to explore Berlin on her tours, the city never fails to impress the New Zealand musician, or to draw a crowd: "a lot of people choose to travel here […]

todaySeptember 29, 2018


Berlin-based band RÁN on unpredictability, feminism and the beauty of chance encounters

      Berlin-based duo RÁN play psych-infused indie rock. The band, comprising Laura Landergott from Austria and Yair Karelic from Israel, found themselves gig-ready within eight weeks of playing together, produced their debut EP, “Hunt Like Lions," in 2017, and are working on a full-length album to be released at the start of 2019. We caught up with them to talk about their first chance encounter, their writing process, […]

todaySeptember 22, 2018


Berlin-based folk-rock band, Mighty Oaks, sings anthems of Wanderlust and Heimweh

A post for Omnified by Caitlin Hardee     The folk-rock band Mighty Oaks has rooted itself firmly in Berlin soil, but in order to do so, its three members each had to journey far from their respective homes. It's an origin story that feels so familiar in Berlin, it might be the set-up of a joke: An American, an Italian and an Englishman walk into a bar… The bar […]

todaySeptember 8, 2018


From Sarajevo to Baghdad, Moscow to L.A., KCRW DJ Valida brings a global perspective to her DJ sets

    Born in a small Bosnian town, L.A.-based Valida has experienced life all around the world. Now a KCRW DJ for The Lab, Valida says that despite all of her travels, the music coming out of Berlin, and other parts of Germany, has stuck with her through it all. From stints in Moscow, Baghdad, and London, her globetrotting ways have undoubtedly influenced her musical style: “[There’s] no escaping the fact […]

todaySeptember 1, 2018


Pop-Kultur roundup: Up-and-coming artists shine at the Kulturbrauerei

    By Sylvia Cunningham and Monika Müller-Kroll For three days, Berlin's Pop-Kultur festival showcased local and international musicians at the Kulturbrauerei. Headline acts included The Last Poets, and Neneh Cherry returning for her second year. But there were also many artists at Pop-Kultur for the first time. We met up with some up-and-coming musicians, including Parisian chromatic harpist Laura Perrudin, Italian singer Munsha, and German-Bulgarian singer, pianist and composer, Lisa […]

todayAugust 18, 2018


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